Hey there! Welcome to our front desk on the internet!

Practical Computer is a small, highly focused software team. If we had a tagline it would be:

Focused on today to build a better tomorrow.

Which is a fun way to say we focus on solving today’s problems using the tools available today so you don’t have to worry about them tomorrow.

We're currently working on

Little CRM
A small app to help independent shops connect with their customers in the modern age.
A dispatcher app for service companies. It's built from the ground-up to work in the field, where network connections are spotty and speed is key.
The Practical Framework
A product framework—encompassing code, design, and reusable patterns—based on 12+ years of experience building apps on the web. Significant portions of this will be open-sourced once they’re in a 1.0 state.

We also deeply believe in open-source, and have sponsored or helped maintain:

A new way of seeding data for Rails apps and tests.
The Ruby passkeys organization
To help drive adoption of passkeys across the ecosystem.

The team is made up of:

an illustrated portrait of Thomas
The founder and tireless leader (and dog walker [this will make more sense soon]) who doesn’t think customer support is a department but a way of working; and likes to build approachable software for independents and small businesses (when not walking the dogs, of course)
an illustrated portrait of Wren
A professional Designer & Illustrator looking to make the world a prettier place! They make everything we do shine with both playfulness and vibrancy. They’re available for hire as well!
an illustrated portrait of Kira, a dog, barking
The branch manager & executive officer of non-computer affairs.
an illustrated portrait of Buffy, a dog, staring at a bug
Assistant to the branch manager, and bug hunter. We mean that literally, unfortunately.

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